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The Tool

Medium: Installations

Material: Found objects

Dimension: various sizes

Year: 2022

The work is commissioned by “Veiled Prefaces, Jotted Lines” - An exhibition under dis/posit}ions organized by Starch, Singapore Art Week 2022

What tools does the artist use to complete thier artwork? What is the artist’s relationship to them? What do we learn from art school? Do we learn to use tools or to know/study/deconstruction them?

In response to the “learning environments” discussed in the exhibition. The Tool invites participating artists from the show to contribute one of the tools that they used in his/her work, so as to explore the concept of tools.


I join the showcase remotely with the help of the team, this also makes me think whether tools exist in a more intangible conceptual or even unconscious ways in contemporary art.

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