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I Will Cross the World and Meet You On the Other Side 
Performance Art, 2021

Medium: Performance art

(Online platform)

Duration: 15 mins

Year: 2021

A simultaneous online and offline

opening performance for “Let’s Meet

Tomorrow Before the End of Our Time”

International Student Symposium.

@ TRAFO Center for Contemporary

Art in Szczecin, Poland

I always feel that crossing from one domain, one culture, one language to another is an intriguing process. It can be a single step or a long journey. Through sound art and performance art, Michal and I hope to show the experiences we have shared in our transnational communication online over the past few months, in this worst of times, or perhaps the best of times. I will cross the world and meet you on the other side is about you, me, and the journey across boundaries.


This performance is in collaboration with Polish music artist Michał Doroszenko.

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