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Exclusive Light  

(Winston Oh Travelogue Award)

Digital Photography
+ digital illustration,
1500 x 1500 px,

I've been wondering what is never lost but can’t be found for the past year. At dusk, in the shadow of the urban jungle, I always looked for a long time at a window that had the last sunshine all by itself. It was like watching a small boat moving through the choppy water, with a single running light on. The photography project Exclusive Light is a window into the city and into my heart. It made those small, poetic and fleeting moments the silver lining in my life.

In September, I took this project with me to Hong Kong, and it fascinated me even more. In this crowded city which has the most skyscrapers of any city in the world, natural light is not merely a precious luxury, it is a hidden privilege. Over time, I realized these photographs ultimately portray how I felt about Hong Kong and Singapore - The last ray of sunshine on the top floor has almost become a metaphor of the city in these times of solitude.

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